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11 February 2009 @ 03:15 pm
Don't you know that you're toxic  

I will no longer be watching Smallville anymore. I have enjoyed SVClois but after this, I can’t anymore. Clark may learn to love Lois in the future, but it will never compare to the extraordinary love he has for the once ‘girl next door’ Lana Lang. Hell, she is still ‘the one who got away’.


The Clex was still alive in Requiem, which I forever will love. Yes, for a minute Clark wanted to kill his ex-lover. But when Clark picks up his ashes there is no doubt in my mind.


Oh Lex, jealousy becomes you, it does. Good job on taking Clark and Lana down. It was really sad to remember these three several years ago in the second episode of the series ‘Hothead’ young, friends, talking about becoming the people they want to be and not who others enforce them to be.    


I don’t find it hypocritical that Lana told Clark not to take a life. It conveys how Clark’s benevolence can change people for the good.


The irony of Clana’s new life together beginning on the DP roof and then ending has me grinning. ;)


This show has once again emphasized it is a tragedy (when involving the characters of Lana and Lex). Which is why I love Smallville. In Requiem, I couldn't help but feel the established underlining message is love does not conquer all. Just because you love someone, evil doesn’t go away. Sometimes there is not a happy ending. Clark says, 'I love you' as if all the times he has saved her, everything he did for her, in the end: he still loses her.

Love is not a victory march

It’s a cold and it’s a broken hallelujah


Which makes Lois Lane a lucky character in the Superman mythology. Because unlike those before her, she will have a happy ending. She gets to marry Superman!


However, the past two episodes have tainted SVClois I just can’t ship that anymore.


After everything Clark/Lana has undergone I am suppose to believe they are done. No. It’s not over. Won’t see it on the show, but they will find a way back to each other. Kryptonite obviously can’t stop these two.

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hp5angst: pity those without love= h/hr in obhwfhp5angst on February 12th, 2009 04:47 am (UTC)
Nice words bb! Damn where you been?
Yeah I noticed SV was different than most shows and then I read meta of how it is like a tragic play. Everything made better sense after that and I was able to see the show in a better light.

Clex is always awesome.

Yeah, I am thinking the Lana arc was to please Lana fans and now the rest will be to please Lois fans. TPTB want to please everyone.
canneverbe: smile chloecanneverbe on February 12th, 2009 05:19 pm (UTC)
It got pretty crazy after Bulletproof so I had to put fandom on hold until Lana left. lol. I've dealt with the Harry Potter fandom *shudders* but SV got scary. :P

It's nice to look at it like that, yet Clana not being able to mutually part but are forced to say goodbye. Meaning Clana would be together FOREVER, if they could. Whatever they do with Clois it won't match Clana or seem genuine. It won't please me.