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13 December 2008 @ 10:32 am
Maybe our story ends and neither of us are heroes  
Davis/Doomsday quote in the promo is enchanting. 

"There once was a monster and the monster dreamed that it was a man. It loved everything about being a man. It was a beautiful dream, but this dream is doomed to end."  

I couldn't help but see it parallel Clark too. Just replace 'monster' with 'alien'. How many times have we seen Clark desire to be a normal guy? But in Season 8 he finally realized it is a dream, nothing more. Poor Clark and Davis. :( 

Smallville I offically love you! I saw the shiny new trailer. I despise spoilers with a passion but I gave in this one time. I mean it has been about a month sincethe hiatus- I needed something!

The music score in the trailer was riveting. Tons of love for it!  

I'm the red and blue blur! Squees!!!!! I LOVED IT!
I absolutely adore the Clana, I guess because I know it is doomed. Such a noble couple. I can't believe they showed us a bit of the kiss, though.

Woah, Chloe nice to see you awake. Or is it?

OMFG, Tess!! From what was in that sneak peek the Tess Mercer was awesome! Fabulous story that is coming out for her. Looks like she might change her ways too. (With Lana showing her the error of her ways, hmm)

Lois I miss her. But I know she will be back...eventually. *shakes head* 
OK, now I am back to the my realm of No Spoiling. One more month until Jan. 15. I can wait. I can do this.

Current Music: breathe- taylor swift
canneverbe: hhr kisscanneverbe on December 13th, 2008 05:57 pm (UTC)
IT IS INCREDIBLE! *joyously jumps up and down* That kid is THE BEST! He is my long lost son, I swear.
Smallville > Christmas. That's right.

Thanks, hun! :D
miss sullivan: [sv] clois; sleep with the enemy.burningqueen on December 13th, 2008 06:20 pm (UTC)
Smallville > Christmas. That's right.

This is a startling realization.